The Sol Patch


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Solar oven cookers create more meals and options that the standard BBQ grills. These non-toxic, no flames, no gas, no fire ovens cook meats, breads, deserts, eggs, soup, and vegetables anywhere, safely without worry or any additional fuels. 

Lightweight and portable, these solar grills ar the perfect addition to your day at the beach or the park, but practical enough to be a staple for your hurricane supplies, as they do not need lighter fluid, fire, batteries, or electricity. Adding Magic Solar Ovens to tiny homes, campers, eco resorts and cabins take up very little space and are versatile enough to be used daily as a regular household appliance. 

Benefits of Cooking with Solar:

  • Quickly and sustainably cook food, anywhere; at the beach, mountains, or in the middle of the woods without a fire or any fuel.
  • Hurricane Ready.
  • Safe from causing wildfires. 
  • Typical fuel sources such as wood, coal and gas are not needed because the oven uses parabolic mirrors to catch the sun.  Magic Solar Ovens retain 90 percent of the sunlight that hits the device.
  • Magic Solar Ovens harness the power of the sun to cook meat, eggs, vegetables, frozen food and even bread in a smoke-free, cool-to-the-touch environment, using a thermal tube that heats to 550 degrees
  • Portable solar cooking product, easy to carry.
  • Magic Solar Ovens work so fast. Once preheated, it can cook 6-8 eggs in 10-15 minutes, seven hot dogs in five minutes, and fry bacon in less than 10 minutes.
  • Among other foods it can cook: Bratwursts, Steak, Dehydrated food, Burritos, Fish, Pasta, Muffins, Chicken, Shrimp, corn, vegetable and more.

Magic Solar Oven Specifications:

  • Dry Weight: 3.5 lbs. (1.5kg)
  • Oven Volume: 53oz (1.6L) liquid or up to 3 lbs. (1.4kg) of food
  • Oven Dimensions: 2.8” (7.6cm) outside diameter, 2.3” (5.8cm) inside diameter, 24” (61cm) length
  • Estimated Power Output: 230 Watts in full sunlight
  • Maximum Temperature: 700°F (371°C)
  • Working Temperature: 200°F (93°C) - 550°F (288°C)
  • Cooking Time: As fast as 20 minutes

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